Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Wiki, wiki in Hawaiian means fast! I spent some time looking at the SJCPL wiki. Their local history site was full of good information about tracking down info about old houses. I may use this information when I go to Wellington, KS to look for the Lilly family's mill and home. Pawnee Bill and May Lilly lived there with Gordon Lilly's family after they were married. I'm still thinking about writing a biography of May Lilly.

The Princeton wiki was an AHA moment; the first thing I saw was the "All New Square Foot Gardening 2006 edition. I have an old edition. The new edition is very colorful...I must have it!

The library wikis demonstrated several uses for wikis. When we begin remodeling the kids site, we could use wikis to update books lists i.e. If you like "Captain Underpants" may like "Take the Mummy and Run: the Riot Brothers are on a Roll" by Mary Amato.

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