Saturday, April 25, 2009

16-23 are Done

I signed up for a Webcast from Library Journal called "Push, Pull, Delight: My Library, My Collection, My Expert. I've used You Tube type trainings before and podcasts with RSS feeds. OLA was using Twitter at its annual conference in Midwest City last Mon. April 20-Wed. April 22. I must admit when I started 23 Things; I was worried about taking time away from work to do technology training. I plan to use podcasts more and produce some for fun.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Download a book from TCCL

I just downloaded "Medical Myths that Can Kill You! Such a happy subject!

You Tube

I signed up for You Tube, but once again couldn't figure out the directions for embedding a video. I had found the Hawaiian guy who plays "While my guitar gently weeps" on a Ukulele. Someone had told me about his amazing playing. I want a ukulele now!


I've actually subscribed to Podcasts from ALSC, the children's division of ALA, so I'm familar with them; I've used them for continuing education.

Web 2.0 Award Winners

I chose the music awards and looked at, Pandora & MOG. The feature that I like best about was that you can upload your original music & get royalties each time your song is played. Pretty cool! Pandora creates a radio station just for you based on the songs/genres that you like. MOG is like a social network of music sharing, with info about music news, and a list of the top 100 musicians. Check them out for fun!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Am I done with 7-18??????

I hope that I'm done because I'd like to move on to 23!!!!


I tried to use a template to create my Road to Reading Newsletter, but I could not get the graphic that Judy gave me into the page. I may need to spend more time on this project. I'd like to get a newsletter out in May to the day cares about the summer reading program.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back to Wikis

Wiki, wiki in Hawaiian means fast! I spent some time looking at the SJCPL wiki. Their local history site was full of good information about tracking down info about old houses. I may use this information when I go to Wellington, KS to look for the Lilly family's mill and home. Pawnee Bill and May Lilly lived there with Gordon Lilly's family after they were married. I'm still thinking about writing a biography of May Lilly.

The Princeton wiki was an AHA moment; the first thing I saw was the "All New Square Foot Gardening 2006 edition. I have an old edition. The new edition is very colorful...I must have it!

The library wikis demonstrated several uses for wikis. When we begin remodeling the kids site, we could use wikis to update books lists i.e. If you like "Captain Underpants" may like "Take the Mummy and Run: the Riot Brothers are on a Roll" by Mary Amato.

Web 2.0

The first traces of Web 2.0 are already appearing. Consider the roaring success of sites that embody Web 2.0 principles of simplicity, rich interactivity, user participation, collective intelligence, self-service, novel and remixed content—Flickr, MySpace, FaceBook,, YouTube, LibraryThing—to name a few.

This paragraph says it all! Libraries will be using these sites to create information and share it with others. It's a LibraryThing!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yes! I have signed up for Technorati

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rollyo & Delicious

Tag you're it! I understand the usefulness of Rollyo, but I didn't master it. Delicious was much easier to use. My username is password is jaguar!
I bookmarked this in Delicious because it's a good resource for children's books.

Library Thing

I have become a member of Library Thing because I need more Things to play with!


Generators are great if your electric goes out, but that's a different generator. I've copied this Monopoly card for you.

TCCL Thing 7 Feeds

If you are hungry don't subscribe to feeds!

I have subscribed to several including: Microsoft Feeds, librarylin's blogs, NPR Topics: News, Straight Off the Shelves, The Onion Master Feed Copy, The Picnic Basket, The Red Dirt Sisterhood & Wired: Underwire.

Monday, February 23, 2009

If you want to see a Bowfin, go to Hawaii, Pearl Harbor & look for the Bowfin picture (#20).

If you want to see a Bowfin, go to Hawaii, Pearl Harbor & look for the Bowfin picture (#20).


This is a picture of Pearl Harbor where I was in March of last year. I was interested in the Bowfin submarine that is there because it was one of the 9-pod group of subs that were the first into the Sea of Japan. My dad steered the Sea Dog in this attack on Japan. I took lots of pictues of the inside of the Bowfin because I was curious about what it was like to live in the quarters of a submarine like dad's. During his tour in the Navy, he visited Hawaii, Guam & the Phillipines. The Navy rented the Royal Hawaiian Hotel to put up sailors on leave. We have black & white pictures that he took in Hawaii so we went to each of the sites that he did and took our pictures in color. We visited the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and bought a book about the history of the hotel which includes pictures of the beaches with barbed wire. I just finished reading about the war in the Pacific, but I haven't found a book about the subs that went into the Sea of Japan yet.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lana's 23 Things

#1 For my first adventure into 23 Things, I read all about Wikis from the Wikopedia. What I want to know is do people who post to Wikis wear dickies? I read about ebay's history; I've purchased things from ebay as "crumbucket." Ask my staff for other fun names that I use for amusement. I like delicious food so I got excited about, but it didn't taste good at all! I played dodgeball in elementary school, but it had nothing to do with the dodgeball I read about... I thought that Skype was only hype. Adsense was nonsense to me...who wants all those ads!
#2 Lifelong Learner was boring because geeze louise the library's mission is to create lifelong library users. As a librarian, I'm programmed to learn...people ask me new questions sometimes & I learn something new everyday!
#3,#4 & #5 Blogs are for Frogs! At least that's what I thought before I followed 3 easy steps to blogging! Lin helped me...I'm a registered blogette now, but I wouldn't trust me for the latest news. Please admire my photo that I posted!

Lana the Librarian