Monday, February 23, 2009

This is a picture of Pearl Harbor where I was in March of last year. I was interested in the Bowfin submarine that is there because it was one of the 9-pod group of subs that were the first into the Sea of Japan. My dad steered the Sea Dog in this attack on Japan. I took lots of pictues of the inside of the Bowfin because I was curious about what it was like to live in the quarters of a submarine like dad's. During his tour in the Navy, he visited Hawaii, Guam & the Phillipines. The Navy rented the Royal Hawaiian Hotel to put up sailors on leave. We have black & white pictures that he took in Hawaii so we went to each of the sites that he did and took our pictures in color. We visited the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and bought a book about the history of the hotel which includes pictures of the beaches with barbed wire. I just finished reading about the war in the Pacific, but I haven't found a book about the subs that went into the Sea of Japan yet.

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