Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lana's 23 Things

#1 For my first adventure into 23 Things, I read all about Wikis from the Wikopedia. What I want to know is do people who post to Wikis wear dickies? I read about ebay's history; I've purchased things from ebay as "crumbucket." Ask my staff for other fun names that I use for amusement. I like delicious food so I got excited about, but it didn't taste good at all! I played dodgeball in elementary school, but it had nothing to do with the dodgeball I read about... I thought that Skype was only hype. Adsense was nonsense to me...who wants all those ads!
#2 Lifelong Learner was boring because geeze louise the library's mission is to create lifelong library users. As a librarian, I'm programmed to learn...people ask me new questions sometimes & I learn something new everyday!
#3,#4 & #5 Blogs are for Frogs! At least that's what I thought before I followed 3 easy steps to blogging! Lin helped me...I'm a registered blogette now, but I wouldn't trust me for the latest news. Please admire my photo that I posted!

Lana the Librarian

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